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Zebco Pro Staff Stickers

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I am looking for some stickers. Prefer either " Zebco Pro Staff"( yep, just seen a reel on ebay with that name, so there should be a few somewhere in the world) or " Team Zebco". The pro staff bit rings a nice tune to my impaired ears. Might have found a name for the new to me sled. :cool:

Now I am truthfully looking for a couple of these, so if you see any please contact me.


Mark and the dog.
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Zaq, I am working on it.

D99- Thanks for the tip. I may need to head in that direction. Problem is Troy's stuff looks too cool. How am I supposed to tell someone to make it look dorky!!???
Maybe I will show them a couple reels :wink:

Corkie and Geek-Zebco does not have any stickers( things are tough all over, right?) already tried there. They wouldn't even give me the names of any local reps to contact.The only place I have seen worse customer service is in the outboard repair business. Jeez...

Hog- wash the slobber drenched clothing in a bath of acetone and tsp. It should take most of the trails out.If that does not work, feed her a smelt to distract her.

If you find snoopy rod stickers, I will put them on the new to me.

Mark and the sticker searching dog.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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