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yee haw !!!

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Well I've got all my fish smokeing done for xmas presents and my wife and I are heading up to Nehalem to visit a friend of ours who's been up there for two months or more, have a nice dinner check out the antique stores :depressed: spend the night
maybe in that little motel by the dock and then back home sometime monday.THEN I get ready for elk hunting 1st of next month,then back for silvers then gone again in Nov. for more elk hunting,then back and new line on my steelhead gear get my drift boat geared backup and its time for winter steelhead.Man this being retired is hard on a guy :laugh: :dance:
P.S. I'm exhausted !! :sleep: :grin: :dance:

Oh Yeah,from what I've heard about springer fishing from I-205 to Bonniville dam next year
we'e going to take a hit again ( only 4 days a week),so I'm startin Feb.next year.I got my first one on Mar 9,this year ended up with three in Mar. before my back went out.So you all that fish up here, Camas,Washougal, goverment Isl. might also think about starting a little early next year.Got to make sure the netters get their's you know. :mad: :depressed:

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