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My situation is a little different than yours, but we are doing the exact same thing. We have a Honda 90 and 8hp kicker on a center consol and got really tired of steering the kicker from the stern. I bought two of the Marinetech 55-5100 Balljoints (they come in a pack of two), a 3' piece of 3/8" stainless all thread and some of the heaviest, small stainless 'L' brackets I could find. I found a bolt just under the power head on both motors where I could bolt the short leg of the 'L' bracket and bolted the ball to the other end sticking out in front of the motors, just below the level of the tillers. I then measured the distance between the Balls and created a rod the correct length with the purchased Ball joints screwed onto both ends. The balls do not need to be aligned or even on the same plane, as you can bend the bar as needed. I just tried to get the 'Balls' at 90 degrees. It took a little playing with the length to get perfect pivoting, but once we had it down it works perfectly. Less than $50.00 total. SInce I don't want to bend/break anything when tilting the motors, we disconnect the spring loaded ball joint from the kicker before we tilt it and run. We leave it hooked to the main while we are running and can tilt the main with it attached. It takes seconds to tilt the kicker motor down and reattach.

AND, I absolutely recommend adding a Troll Master to your kicker. We have the wired version (no batteries to go dead-I think the Troll Master 3) and love the thing. A simple 15 minute install and you have immediate, infinite adjustment and control of your kicker RPM/speed from the helm. We've had ours 6 or 7 years without issues. It's a trolling game changer though. We really like the 'idle' button that instantly switches your motor into idle when fighting a fish then, when pushed again, returns to EXACTLY the speed (RPMs) you were previously. Also, absolutly no drift in RPMs unless you physically change it. We actually bought a 'referb' from TrollMaster with full warranty for much less than half of the Cabela's 'new' price. They were great to work with. You will wonder how you fished without one. It's really nice steering while trolling from the helm. jc Tuna Maru
I have the wireless troll master and Am planning to switch to the hard wire version. The hand held wireless version is to problematic
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