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Nice buck! Heres my viewpoint on the hunt. Currently in Wisconsin, hunted same property for 55 years., (Dog: just north of Brandon, been waterfowl hunting here just as long and for last 2 months straight) This year had been really tough, as winds have been terrible. Opening weekend numbers are down 14%. The 9 day season has become an opening weekend fiasco. Used to be "no deer hunting for week prior to gun".. now, it's bow from mid September to after 1st of year! Add the element of crossbow for everyone, all season... along with several "special hunts".
I can recall fewer than 100k deer tags sold, number is now over 600k. Opening weekend is the largest single day sporting event, more people toting than several countries have armed forces.
Yeah, you get the picture. The traditional gun season has become a joke. Look at the archery kill numbers. WAY UP! It's a stream of trucks with SUV' S on Friday nights during the season.
The State is interested in 1 thing: $$$. They pride themselves in the "opportunity days" thing. I have been to many, many meetings, and shows, these guys are scrambling for revenue.
Before anyone gets excited and wants to do this, do your homework.
The herd has.moved south in the state in last 20 years. Predators, (dont get me started on that mess). Yes, lots if wide open spaces in north, very few deer, (hunted nw Lincoln county for just as long) but it's 99%.private in south half.
This "Brown and it's down" attitude has dramatically effected the quality of the hunt. We went QDM years ago, wow!
Yes, it's a great place, but don't get the idea that there is a deer behind every tree!, as the State wants everyone to think.
They sure are tasty though!
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