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Williams Caynon buck

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Driving down Williams Caynon last night and saw a HUGE 3tp. in a fellow (two fellow) ifishers yard! He was about half way between the road and the new shop that is being built. :)shrug:Any guesses who's property it is?:shrug:) Sorry, my cell phone camera didn't do a good enough job to post the pic due to the fact that it was getting dark, 8:45p.m.. Keep your eyes open boys! The deer are moving around alot right now. BH
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That was Moby, Herman is the Huge 4pt but he doesn't frequently go down by the road. They run togeather a lot and suck up deer blocks and apples like theres no tomorrow.
Pay no attention to the brown Ford in your driveway opening morning. I promise to take the small one, unless I see the big one first! :grin: BH
Trespassers will be shot!! and hauled in.
Just kiddin:cheers:,
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