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I was a member for a couple of years. I hunted one ranch in the West Biggs for Mulies, took a 4x3. If you bowhunt, you'd have ranches to yourself. They put 9 guns on the 17000 acre ranch I hunted, most of the hunters did'nt venture out of sight of camp. I've heard horror stories about the rifle elk hunting. I guess alot of Californians come up to hunt and they get pretty bossy and have even gotten into fist fights. IIRC the yearly dues were $460 and that got you camping, fishing and upland birds. Deer was $400-$500 depending on ranch and elk was $500-$600. Bowhunters paid a fee of $400 and that covered both elk and deer. Waterfowl was $200.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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