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I am thrilled that I have time to do a Ready Set contest!
Thanks to Shane for doing these in the last month! I appreciate that so much, Shane! :smile:

Anyway, everyone is trying out these Fish Sponges. We tried them the other day. They are really cool! We let them soak all night in Marie's scents, and then tried them the next day. No luck for us, but it sure is handy having them in the boat!

Anyway, If you would like to win some Fish Sponge products, just follow the instructions below:

Be the first back here to answer the question, and post the answer.
If you have won in the last month, give someone else a chance.
I am not responsible, if I goof up!

Here we go!

Visit Fish Sponge's web site!

The first person who comes back here to list:

1. Their e mail address and
2. phone number and
3. Their web site address,

so they can order fish sponge products, wins the prize!

Ready, Set.....

Go fetch!


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Tel: 925-366-6638
Fax: *** -*** -xxxx
Office Hours 9-5 M-F Pacific time

Email Us:
General: [email protected]
Sell our Products: [email protected]
Press/Media :p[email protected]
To the President: [email protected]

To Order:
By Phone: 925-366-6638
By Fax: 925.*** -xxxx
Manual order form: click here
Online: click here

Fish Sponge
1074 Camino Verde Circle
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

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I'm going to give it to Fisherfield. I usually don't allow edited answers, or two answers, but I forgot to add that to the rules, so you got it, Fisher!

Just send me a mailing address!

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