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Where to go in September?

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A friend is visiting from Tennessee for a few days starting on Sept 26, and he wants to catch a steelhead. He visited last winter and caught a winter steelhead, and he would really like to catch a summer. Should I take him to the D, or somewhere else, maybe a costal river? I've only fished the D, Clack, and N Santiam for steelhead. We would be camping for 4 to 5 nights, so a little longer drive is OK.

I would love to explore some new water, but for this trip it's more important that a not too experienced flyfisher catch a steelhead!

Also, where can I rent a good pontoon for him?

Thanks for any info, and PMs are welcomed.
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If you want a better than average chance to get a steelhead, try the Deschutes.

Late Sept, early Oct are goods times to hit the Deschutes because the fish are there and the crowds are smaller.
Don't be afraid to try the Klickitat...it is fly friendly for sure...the only problem is there are a lot of Chinook around that time...
From what I know, the Deschutes as well as N. Umpqua and Rogue should be doing pretty good at that time. I guess keep checking for reports as the date closes in.

You can rent pontoons from Water Ready. See link at the top of the page.

Good Luck

I usually just go crazy in september. There is to much fishing and hunting going on.:help:
The summer run is over in late September on the Deschutes.:wink:

It's fall.
The summer run is over in late September on the Deschutes.:wink:

It's fall.
So would that make it a Fall run? :laugh:
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