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Now that I've bagged My First Deer I have time to get back to fishing. I haven't been out in awhile now, and I'm looking for some general suggestions as to conditions and fishing quality.

I'm wanting to go somewhere around the Portland area. I'm looking for salmon or steelhead. I don't think the Fall Chinook have made it to the Willamette yet, if so, that's my prime choice. My boat is a little too small for the Columbia, especially the lower river. I'm also thinking Wilson, Sandy, Clackamas? Maybe Santiam, though I am not too familiar with that area. Is the water too low? Are there fish there? I just haven't been paying attention lately and need to get caught up.

I don't need any specific details about where exactly, I just don't have the time to go scout a river out and see if it's worth getting up early on Saturday morning for.


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