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Hi Folks,
I am still a newbie with fishing and on this board. Just need some fishing advise on where to fish this weekend. I have been plunking in Rainer but it is dead. Last weekend when and camped at County Line Park and I got a wild tagged steelhead, I got lucky, that was one of 3 fish beached that day out of about 50 poles. I am just not sure where to fish this weekend. You would think county line park would be great with all the steelhead there catching at the mouth of the cow. But I think they are in deeper water down there, I dont know.
Right now might not be worth it without a boat, but I like to bank fish anyhow. Any of these fish heading up the Cow,Kalama, or Lewis rivers? I am not fimiliar how to rig up other than the off the beach but a quick learner.

Any advise would be appreciated.

By the way the tagged steelhead was going to the windriver.

Thanks Steelhead Scout
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