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What's your favorite fishing rod?

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Just sitting here at the house all day doing nothing and I started to think
What's everyone's favorite fishing rod? :shrug:

Mine is the new Lamiglas Ti2000 Titanium TBC 92 MJ 9'2" 6-15 pound test steelhead drift rod. One sweet rod! :smile:

So whats your favorite fishing rod? If it's not your favorite rod, then the one you use the most.
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I would have to say it is my G Loomis HSR 982. It is a fantastic all around Salmon Rod.
My 9ft rogue 8-17 (right now). I don't have a rod I don't like, in fact they are all my favorite for the purpose they were designed.
I would have to say it was the one that caught the latest fish. :grin:
I have a 8ft Ugly stick I've had since somewhere around 1984. All the numbers and letters are worn off so I can't say exactly what it is, but it's a medium action rod. Use it for everything. Been catching a lot of sea bass off the rocks with it lately. It's taken a heck of a lot of abuse over the years, especially catfishing, which everyone knows is at night and involves lots of beer, but still flings a lure as far as I want most of the time and brings in the fish. I did have to put a new reel on it this spring, which is another story about falling on slick rocks, no beer involved
It's an old rod....bought in 1985 from a store long forgotten. It's a Berkley Trilene Phazer....8ft 2in, It says 3/8 to 3/4 ounce lures...says 100% Graphite... light and sensative, it sure is. I have taken many Coho on it and several Kings to 25lbs. I fish it with 10lb line on an Amb 4600 Ultra Cast, so all fish present an ausome challenge. It is hands down my favorite rod for pullin plugs. It was even yanked right out of the pole holder into the Cowlitz river by a fish...good thing it had a Graphite Ryobi reel on it at the time as the whole dang thing floated and I was able to retrieve it . Many memories drift through my mind each time I use it. Russ :tongue:
An old 6 and a half foot glass boat rod that my kids had made for me over 20 years ago by one of their teachers. It's my mouth of the Lewis rod. It's caught a couple.

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Hands down at our house it is the Berkley IM7, 8'6" 15-50 rod. We have 5 of them and have found them very versatile and durable.

Not the most expensive rod in my rack, but by far the most used.
My favorite is the TH Custom Rod I got this year.
7'9" 6-12 lb. Excellent in those tight places and smaller streams. The workmanship is flawless!!!
I've gottem many compliments on this little gem. Balances perfectly with my Shimano Scorpion.
Berkely IM7....I have two of them a 8'-6" 10 to 20lb for steelies and a 15-50 lbs for salmon...even use it for keeper sturgeon.
Great sensitivity and backbone.
I've a old Fenwick Boron 8-12# 8'3" that has the finest feel of any rod I've used. No trigger(1983). Great summer steelie rod.
Got to be my old Fenwick FS83-C all glass, nothing but fun on fall chinook, spring chinook, shad, summer steelhead, even a stray sturgeon.
I have a 6-1/2' graphite Fenwick that I bought in 1983. It was my first "expensive"($100)rod and I have yet to find another rod that matches its sensitivity.
I have to agree with Spoiled daddy Berkley IM7, 8'6" 15-50 rod. I also have a 9 footer both are the best rods for the money. An all around good choice.
Well i a few months ago i would have said my TH 1023 or 1025, but lately i have been using my berkely 8.5ft 8-12 and man, have i gotten to like that rod. I landed two smaller chinook on it today, and a bunch of steelhead in the past, the thing is way better of a rod than it should be for the price. I paid $40 on sale, and the thing is just so light and sensative with the perfect action for drifting or throwing light spinners. I was considering getting another rainshadow for a summerrun rod, and now i think i will just stick with the cheaper berkely. I like it :grin:
Easy.... :wink:
Loomis GL3 1143C for steelhead drift fishing

TH1143S for bobber/jig :cheers:
Lamiglas Kenai Killer for salmon :bowdown:
Loomis GLX 10' for 7 weight for steelhead fly fishing :dance:
Orvis 9' for 4 weight for trout fly fishing :grin:

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Mine is my Loomis 1084c IMX. Greatest steelhead rod ever made, IMO. A close second would be the HSR 982c and now my All Star 1143s will see plenty of action for summers. :dance:
The brown one I use for salmon. Its a lami blank and handmade by a guy in washington. its a great boat rod for all salmon.
Which ever LAMIGLAS that fits the catch of the day!!

Loving my EC96LS for summer steelhead!
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