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O.K. Confession,,,Ive returned from Van. Island. tunaless again!

Be for I left for our two week trip north ,I posted about warm water off the island and got responses from several ifishers .
Thanks you all very much.

The image I saw showed warm water due west of the Quatsino sound about 25 mles .

I fished salmon most days while I was there ,

I ask every one I talked with about tuna out the west side and noone knew anything ...
Till the day I was leaving , gasing up the truck to go ,,local starts talking about the Port Hardy boys heading out 20 miles for tuna!

The last day I fished I had a flat ocean and sensed the fish were there ,,, I just needed to point west and go .Something stopped me.
I kept remembering back the first week of July and all the cases of tuna stacked on my shelves ,,,," I have enough
tuna "a little voice kept telling me...

So with a heavy heart I trolled for salmon and got 4 nice nooks around 20 lbs.
Then killed the motor and drifted up a Halibut and a nice ling ...

I said goodby to the notherrn waters knowing I very easly could have gotten tuna .
My son and I talked about it while we drifted.
I think we were fish processing burned out .
We had processed so many fish this season we were actually relieved when we had a slow day ...No fish to deal with..

We could have done it just to say we did it ,,, but without wanting /needing more I had lost my incentive..

I report no Canadian tuna this year ...But for no other reason than lack of effort.

Am I getting soft or old or what ???
hi ho
id. p.

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Knowing when enough is enough is a good thing.
Sound judgement for a landlocked skipper.
Besides, had you overstocked the shelves you wouldn't have a NEED to come back next Summer.
Good on you buddy... :cheers:

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Except for the Hammond OTC every trip in August has been for salmon. Saturday will be salmon again but I'm almost ready to pull the live bait tank out of the garage and install it on the boat.
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