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what's the deal!

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We fished bouy 10 sunday. Not the usual gaggle of boats, but pretty busy none the less. I could not help but notice and be frustrated by all the boats that seemed to feel compelled to fly right through the middle of the pack on the way back from the ocena especially. Why not slow down or consider going around the perimeter. I figure it's good common courtesy. There's really plenty of room. It was not rough out, except for all the traffic. We had a poor guy chumming from it all. Our guide even found it very frustrating. Thank you to those that did slow down and show some really good consideration as they passed all of us.
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It would be polite to swing wide of the crowd.

Bouy 10 aint always about polite. Especially if you are holding the line.

How was the fishing on the inside?
ridiculously slow. We were with a good guide and managed one small coho. Left the water at 3:30 and the ODFW guy had logged 6 from the river. We trolled hard with 6 rods. A few pound-downs, but they did not stick. should be so much better on a few days, especially if we get some rain down there.

I'm of two minds on the subject. When there's not much traffic on the river, I try and go way around folks fishing, even when they are in the main channel.

But if I'm running 10-15 miles going or coming back from fishing and I'm on a heading and following the main traffic channel, as things get crowded and folks fish right in the channel, I tend to stick to the main channel...give them as much room as possible but doing a zig-zag course adding a couple miles is not on the menu.

When it's crowded, going around the main traffic channels adds to the problem...you get folks running in and out on the edges of the channel, against traffic rules. You get two boats on the outbound side of the channel, for example, going in different directions to avoid the folks fishing in the channel.

If I fish in and around the main channel, which I do, then I don't really complain about folks running the channel per the traffic pattern. I figure it comes with the territory.

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