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Well, I checked the archives and couldn't find an exact answer so maybe the board can help me.

I was hoping to get some information on these Jumbo divers, I noticed fishermen attaching their snap to the top hole to dive deep and it was around 30 feet of water, :shrug: some people were using the second hole to go a little more shallow.

How do you figure out what depth your fishing at w/these Jumbo divers?

Is there a formula that anyone uses?

I'm guessing the more line you have out the deeper the dive and vise versa (just a guess)
plus I'm sure you need to factor in current.
It seems like there's more to it.

We boated one yesterday, our divers were set at the middle notch and fishing 17-23 feet of water :shrug:

Thanks for reading, any info would be appreciated.
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