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What is an avatar? NEW FOR VBULLETIN!

You may post test posts on this page for avatars.
Of course, you may post them anywhere else too! It's just nice to keep them in one or two spots.

Here is the user guide for Vbulletin, which is what we are now using.

These small images are called Avatars. They are displayed below your username on all posts that you make. There are two kinds of avatars: those provided by the administrator and those that you upload yourself.

If the administrator has provided a set of avatars, and avatars are enabled, you may select an avatar that best describes your personality.

The administrator may also have enabled custom avatars, which allows you to upload an avatar image from your computer. (We have!)
Here is Jennie's explanation:

Here is how you put your avatar on ifish.net

Log in to ifish.net
Press User CP on the gold bar, on the top of the page, all the way to the left.
Press Edit Avatar, on the list of options on your left.
I still have not uploaded any avatars on ifish for vbulletin, but I'm going to do that soon. Until then, you must have your own avatar, stored on your computer so that you can upload it, here.

Scroll down to Custom Avatar
If you have a custom avatar and want to keep it as it is, leave the fields below as they are.

Use Custom Avatar

You may upload a new custom image using the controls below.

Option 1 - Enter the URL to the Image on Another Website
Option 2 - Upload Image From Your Computer
Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 60 by 60 pixels or 100.0 KB (whichever is smaller).

You can't link an avatar from your gallery. Avatars must be uploaded to this area.

Browse until you find your avatar, and then press upload. When you find it, select it, and then save changes.

Remember, it must be small enough. You'll have to go to make one that is 60x60 pixels.

Before, people were uploading huge photos and using the program to reduce these images. It took up so much space that ifish had to pay for a ton of bandwidth to store them.

This is much better for all of us, since ifish will load faster.

I found an in depth link on Google that says I may link to it, and it explains avatars really well. The only difference is that he doesn't allow animated avatars, and ifish does.
You can read it by clicking here: http://www.kongming.net/avatars/tutorial/

I hope this helps!

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hey jen,
in playing with my avatar i discovered that it gets applied to all of your posts. if you change your avatar, go back to a post you've made and refresh the page to see your new avatar. pretty cool!

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Just love these avatars...Nanook will have a field day!!

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You have to have to be a full member of ifish.
To be a full member, you must have at least 16 posts.
Red can now have one!
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