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Here is what we did:

Stayed at South Beach for the Holiday weekend with he kids and one of the grandsons. Nice cool weather and good company. Took number 1 grandson to the Newport Aquarium. He liked the sharks best. Grammy got the picture with the sturgeon (prerequisite).

Took the kids to the tidepools too!

Said goodbye to the kids on Monday and headed south to Bullards Beach for a week of fishing and crabbing. Started off surf fishing for redtails and had a great day. Caught surfperch and some sun.

Then while those of you in Portland where sweltering in the heat, we went crabbing in the fog. It was soooo cool. Literally and figuratively. Spooky, calm, quiet and neat.

The dogs weren’t as thrilled as we were.

The results of the crabbing. Crab, bread, sautéed peppers (from the garden) and wine. Good friends to share it with and we had a perfect vacation.

The only downside was somebody emptied out traps the first day. We left them out through two tides and counted on them for dinner that night. Two of the traps were robbed by some low-life. Two of them (closer to the ramp) hadn’t been touched so we had a little and we at least had a taste. After that we stayed with them (although that negates the advantage of traps over pots :depressed: ). We did have fun one day making sand candles on the beach however. Just wish some people didn't exist. Ate well the rest of the week and brought enough crab home to have dinner with all the kids and grandbabies tomorrow :grin: .

Hope you had a great vacation too!

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Glad you had a wonderful vacation. Sounds like a classic to me. It sounded like you guys just kinda took your time and relaxed and enjoyed yourselves.

Often times in the past it seems like I tried to do too much (too much fishing/traveling) when I used to vacation and I was ready for a vacation when I got back.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience but at least they didn't steal your pots or traps also.

Felt bad I didn't get back with you on a few locations I had rock fished down that way years ago but just got caught up with other things and time ran out. But it sounds like you got in some redtail fishing and they are a blast anyway and excellent eating. You didn't mention eating any of them on your trip. If you did, what did you think of them? It's been quite a few years since I have eaten them but remember making some excellent fish sandwiches out of them.

I mentioned to an ifisher after you had left that you might have been in for a windy journey and might not get that much fishin' in but sounds like you had some decent weather at least part of the time.

Flip me an email sometime if you and your husband would be interested in catching some lings and bass off the rocks locally here. If I can't make it there are several ifisher's I showed the ropes this year that would be happy to show you around down here including Jamie (lingslayer) who is great company and a great fisherwoman.

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