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I have a trip to B10 planned for Thurs. My best fishing bud who I've been with several times this year and my 8 yr old son. My son's been bobber fishing for 'nooks w/ me the last couple yrs, a few times, but we've never caught a fish over 1/2 lb yet. No salmon - yet. :depressed:

My fishin bud and I...well we've limited everytime we've been to B10 this yr. We fish out of Chinook and have fished the bridge to B10 all along the north side of the fishery. As you can imagine, altho we've gotten fish, I want this trip to be particularly successful. I want to get my son into salmon quite badly.

So, now my question. Do we keep doing the same thing as we have been? Divers at 12-25 pulls w/ a silver fishflash (large) right behind it. Then a 3-5 ft leader to a whole herring spinning away. Works pretty well but is there any way to increase our odds? Increase in 'nook vs silver odds a plus. Are there alternate tactics that might be advisable given the low pressure system influence (and the resultant 'off' bite) or is that past? We're thinking to arrive right before low slack and fishing 'til high slack (or limits are reached :wink: )

Thanks for your tho'ts guys!

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