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"The Old Salt"
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Headed out of Milwaukie at 0330 Friday morning to meet fisherjack at depoe ramp We got delayed a little by some construction but got launched and headed out by 0645
Nice water for a fast run to the bananna set up on the North end and got everything rigged up
Checked the drift and droped in the gear
It was pretty slow but we got 1 butt on the 1st drift then decided to try the inside
Made another drift picked up a 2nd butt
Moved to yet another spot and managed our 3rd
All came on black cod chunks that were caught on herring on the 1st drift

Met my crew at the dock and got out early for another fast run for the 1st 15 miles then it started to blow and chop up
Using cod caught on Friday we dropped in on the North end and within 20 minutes we had all rods with butts on!!
Got our limit (had 3 people plus myself this day and I did not tag a fish because I only had 1 slot left on my tag and wanted to fish Sunday) but I did catch a cod for Sundays bait
we were all done cleaning the boat by 10:30 or so
and headed back to Portland for a 40th anniversary party

Sunday up again @ 0330 and headed back to Depoe to meet Ocean Blue and AnglerAndy
That report you can read about on Jen's post
We were done and the boat was cleaned by about 430
I stayed down Sunday night and did some repairs on Monday before driving home to cook a big Halibut feast for the family

Thinking of going again already :help:I must be nuts
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