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What a day!

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I first want to thank Lead Baron for an awesome trip. An early and foggy morning turned into an incredible day. A flat bar and flatter ocean almost made it seem like a lake today. The fishing was so good that I ended up letting some keeper Coho go in order to keep fishing. The bite ended quicker than I thought and wound with only one fish. Baron got his two Coho. I caught a 15 pound what I think is a Chinook and Baron thought was a Coho. I think I will let all of you decide. Baron thanks again!!!! :cheers:


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Nice fish! :food:

Picts are too small for me to give an ID. Congrats on the fishie.
glad you had a great time with Michael. He called me on the way home and told me you guys hooked alot of fish out there. Said you are a class guy, good sense of humor and appreciated you taking care of expenses. good for you!
Hope you both will hook up again in the future. what color was the gum line of that fish? at first look, I'd say coho, the shape, lack of scales on the body, and head, but I too can't be sure. Any closer pics?
tight lines,
I'd guess chinook from the shape of the tail...no matter, it's a nice lookin fish!
Hard to tell fro the pic, but looks like the upper jaw is hooking a bit. That plus, as mentioned above, shaking a few too many scales = coho.:wink:
Black gumlime, all black no white chinook, any white coho.
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