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You dont have to go to B-10 to cach the big fish. Westport is on fire with VERY big King's. I caught a nice 48 lb and was 13 lb shy of the largest fish for the day.

Went out Friday with another fellow PSA member and had a trip to remeber. First we caught and landed a 6' blue shark. We wanted to bring it in but we were not sure what the reg's said and fishing was hot so we let it go. Man it has triangle teeth just like a great white just smaller. Not long after that my knuckle buster starts to sing, I mean really sing. I didnt see it jump, but by the reaction of my two fishing buddies I knew it was big. They said it was over 40 for sure. I thought right, not in Washington waters, it doesnt happen that much. Maybe a high 30's. By the time we got the down riggers up he had spooled the 400 yards of power-pro I had and was now down to the dacron backer. We chased it down and got most of the line back, he was on the bottom 225' straight down. It took 45 minutes before I finally got to see him and my eyes went wide. It was well over 40 I thought and now dont lose this thing.He wasnt ready to be neted and he made a couple more nice runs before submitting. When we got him into the boat it had turned into an hour an 15 minute battle that I will tresure for a long time. He measured 47" long and 28" around, and weighed in at 48lbs

Steve was fishing in a different boat and thought you should see this fish.
The bigger fish caught by FishNg1 " Steve "
60lbs 5 oz Now thats BIG :cheers:

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