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Whalerone & I ran out to Wilipa Canyon for some excellent action yesterday. Took along some live bait.....(you know I am a die hard troller and it was hard for me to change). The bait thing was pretty cool and we had a great time. We got some lessons from one of the commercial guys on our dock who was kind enough to teach us the way they Jack Pole the fish and how they keep the fish close. I can attest that the tips that he shared worked. We had the school off of our transom for 2 hours straight. What a blast! Good numbers of fish and some really meaty ones as well. Our largest is estimated between 30-35, although he never made it on a scale so it is a guess.

The action was just inside the 46.30 / 125.50 mark. Live bait and a cedar plug were our weapons. Nice water and sunny in the late morning. Also if you are buying bait in Westport be sure to confirm the price and amount that you are getting. Something seemed to get lost in traslation when it came time to pay for the bait. The going rate is $5 per pound, 10 pounds in a scoop.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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