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Salmon Run Vacation rental

Wow! This is a neat place! I'd like to welcome Salmon Run to the ifish accommodations area.

Come on down and stay for a while! What a neat place!


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Howdy folks.
My wife and i own this home and thought this type of rental was needed by fishermen, crabbers, hunters, ect.
We have a clean home with 2 bedroom, 1 bath and 2 couches in the living room.
The home also has a full kithen and laundry room to enjoy.
We have rented it out already during the fall fishery, and am now looking at steelhead season.
We thought that if 3 or more people went together on cost, it would be afordable.
The home is located within walking distance of a store,tavern. 2 restauraunts,post office, ect.
If you have a need to clean fish , there are 2 stainless tables and a covered area to do just that.
If someone wanted to hang a deer or elk in garage area, so be it.
We put this home together with sportsmen and women in mind.
We will be flexable to acomidate your needs.
Also, we were both raised here and understand the things that are needed.

For instance, the home comes with 3 crabrings and a propane crab cooker in the garage to use during your visit.
We also have acsess to a prime fishing hole on the kilchis river that we may share if your kind.

Please feel free to p.m me if you have any questions.

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The home is located in Bay City near downtown.
It is close to all rivers, and closest to Kilchis river.
The wilson is about 15 miles to the guide shop.
The Miami river is about 4 miles to the turnoff of 101.

Its a great place;
Its halfway between Tillamook and Garibaldi,
You will be pleased with your stay.
Hasnt anyone hoped they could find this kind of place on the coast?
P.M. me and I can discuss the home and rates with you.
I want to rent this home and let people enjoy them selfs.
We usually know what is going on when so we could be a great asset to those who visit.

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Sorry for not disclosing the fact that yes, dogs are allowed as long as you clean-up after them, and also there is a driveway right along side of the home to back a boat along side of and you can look right out of window and see it.
Bay City is a small town and pretty secure.
Other renters didnt have problem with it.
There is also a light on the garage right where you will park.
Thank you for the responses.
P.M me if you have any questions.
If someone was looking for a place on the coast for the christmas holiday, let me know and we could work something out.
Crabbing has been the best in some time here, and weather has coperated .
Still a few fishermen fishing Ghost Hole.
Rivers are stll hot for all fish.
Steelhead any day if not today for some.
Some elk hunting going on.
Yes , the coast is active and fun is being had.

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Sounds like a great location! :applause:. Thanks for sharing and I better put my name on the list...
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