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Hi you guys! Hey, want to help? Everyone can and especially ifishers who use and stock up on nitrile gloves.

Hey! It's always nice to know that fishers are needed and can help!
If you even have one box of nitrile gloves sitting around, PLEASE donate them! I have pinned to the top of every forum the notice about health care workers needing them, but sometimes people ignore pinned messages. I'm posting it here, also. PM it to people, tell people, text people, e mail people-- anyone who might have nitrile gloves. Fish markets, grocers, anyone who might have them, let them know to donate to health care workers!

Here is the message sent to me by our awesome member, Antolio Zoli:

Fellow iFishers - as you may know from the news, our healthcare workers and first responders are facing a grave shortage of personal protective equipment in the fight against COVID-19. Among the things they desperately need are nitrile gloves.

Nitrile gloves do not need to be sterile - they can be used in non-sterile settings to protect those directly fighting the virus and caring for infectious and potentially infectious people; think ambulances, emergency rooms, and fever clinics. Also, non-sterile nitrile gloves can offset the use and consumption of precious sterile gloves, which are needed for sterile settings; think operating rooms and intensive care units.

You can help.

If you have unused nitrile gloves, stowed in your boat, or in your workshop, please reach out to the health workers and first responders in your personal network, and find a safe way to pass them on.

If you have a box or more of nitrile gloves but don’t know where to pass them on, post up below the city you are located in and describe what you have got, be it a box or a case; and local healthcare workers and first responders on this board can reach out to you by direct message and arrange a safe way to hand them off.

Thank you!
Thanks, and tag! You are it! Pass it on!

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