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I received this e-mail and know many folks will want to provide input in this process. I've added some of the enclosures after the cover letter. Words in [brackets] are my additions.

State of Washington
Mailing Address: 600 Capitol Way N • Olympia, WA 98501-1091 • (360) 902-2200, TDD (360) 902-2207
Main Office Location: Natural Resources Building • 1111 Washington Street SE • Olympia, WA

Dear Interested Citizen:
Welcome to the Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) sportfishing rule public involvement
process. We appreciate your participation.

This year’s rule making process is what we term a “major cycle” year. Proposals for changes in the
sportfishing rules are accepted from both the public and agency staff. The enclosed [appended] timetable lists important dates during this process. Proposed changes developed during this process will be submitted to the Fish and Wildlife Commission for approval in February 2004. Unless otherwise stated, those rules adopted will take effect May 1, 2004.
Regional meetings have been scheduled (see enclosure for locations, times and dates) so you can discuss proposals with the regional staff, hear their ideas, and get help with filling out your proposal form(s), if you desire.

A rule proposal form is [not] enclosed. You may make copies of the form or download an electronic copy from our website at http://www.wa.gov/wdfw/ to share with others. Please use a separate form for each rule proposal. There are instructions on the back of the proposal form, and we have enclosed some additional information to help you develop your proposal(s). The information describes the standard seasons and daily limits that are used by WDFW staff when developing sportfishing rules, and the reasons behind them. Your proposal will be better understood if it falls within these guidelines. Also included is a list of other rule-making processes, which should help you determine whether your proposal fits this process, or should be directed elsewhere. Those interested in sturgeon fishing should note the information about the process for a proposal to change the annual limit for sturgeon.

Lew Atkins
Assistant Director
Fish Program

2004-05 WDFW Timeline for Sport Rule Adoption Process

May 1 Pubic mailing describing process, timelines, proposal form included. Staff proposal form and timeline distributed.

June Public meetings in each region to discuss the process, how to fill out proposal forms, Commission assignments to staff, ideas from
regional staff for possible proposals, etc.

July 18 All proposals (staff and public) due to WDFW

August & September Proposals reviewed by regional staff, species specialists, headquarters staff, Director’s Office.

Late October Approved proposals mailed to the public and other entities for review and comments. Non-approved proposals will be
summarized at the end of the document, with a short note about why they were not recommended.

November 21-22 Commission Workshop (Tri-Cities) – brief Commission on proposals

December 5-6 Commission Meeting (Port Townsend) – public hearing on sport proposals – oral testimony heard on proposals.

February 2004 Commission Meeting – adoption of sportfishing rules

May 1, 2004 Rules take effect, new fishing pamphlet available

TO OBTAIN THE FULL PACKET OF MATERIALS, send a request to [email protected] and request the Proposal ePacket for the Sportfishing Rule Change Process.

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Oops! I posted this too!
Thanks, Pete!
You are always way ahead of me!
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