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Upper C or Lower C?

Summer chinook salmon fishing opens
July 16 on upper Columbia River

Action: Beginning July 16, 2003, two sections of the Columbia River above Priest Rapids Dam will be open to chinook salmon fishing.

Effective Date: July 16 - October 15, 2003

Species affected: Chinook salmon


SECTION 1 - Columbia River from Priest Rapids Dam upstream to Wells Dam.

SECTION 2 - Columbia River between the Highway 173 Bridge at Brewster and the Highway 17 Bridge at Bridgeport and the very lower portion of the Okanogan River downstream of the Highway 97 Bridge to the mouth.

The areas open to fishing do not include the specific closures in the vicinity of the dams designated as CLOSED WATERS in the 2003/2004 Sport Fishing rules pamphlet under Special Rules-Eastside Rivers (pages 65 and 66).

Reason for action: A strong run of summer chinook will pass Priest Rapids Dam in 2003. The expected spawning escapement will greatly surpass hatchery broodstock needs and allow for a significant increase over brood levels of natural escapement. There will be surplus fish available for harvest. This stock is stable to increasing, not listed under the Endangered Species Act, and the proposed fishery is deemed by NOAA Fisheries to not likely have negative impacts on listed fish species.

Other information: Daily limit will be six chinook salmon, but no more than two adults. All steelhead, sockeye and coho must be released immediately unharmed.

Information contact: Joe Foster (509) 754-4624 or Art Viola (509) 665-3337.


Columbia River summer chinook fishery to open June 16

Action: The Columbia River will open for adult hatchery summer chinook.

Effective Date: June 16 through July 31, 2003

Species affected: Chinook salmon

Location: Columbia River from the Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to the Highway 395 Bridge in Pasco, Washington.

Reason for action: Sufficient numbers of summer chinook are available to be harvested under the management guidelines in place.

Other information: The daily limit will be six salmon, only two may be hatchery adults. All retained fish must have an adipose fin-clip. All wild chinook must be released. Sockeye, chum and wild coho must also be released. Salmon minimum size is 12 inches. The opening for summer chinook coincides with the standard opening for hatchery steelhead above the I-5 Bridge. Through June 15 only hatchery chinook jacks may be retained from the I-5 Bridge downstream to the Rocky Point/Tongue Point line concurrent with the hatchery steelhead fishery in that area.


SALMON Possession limit - 2 daily limits in fresh form. An additional 40 pounds of SALMON may be
(Anglers may not continue to fish for possessed in frozen or processed form. ATLANTIC SALMON may be retained during any open
SALMON after the adult portion of the trout or salmon fishery. There is no size limit or daily limit for ATLANTIC SALMON.
daily limit has been retained.)


Possession Limit for Game Fish is 2 Daily Limits in any form.


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Below is a link to Washington State's online fishing pamphlet. Exact copy of the paper one you get at sporting goods stores. All the regs and limits you always wanted but were afraid to ask for.

Washington's online Fishing Regs. pamphlet

Here is a link to any new rule changes for Washginton state.

WA St. Current Rule changes

Both of these are great links for questions. You know you are getting the real scoup, not rumors or hear say.
Hope this helps.

If either of these don't links don't work e-mail me and I will help you get to the web pages needed.

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I am camping on the main columbia river, (washington side), I will be fishing for Steelhead and chinook.

My understanding of Washingtons bag limit:

1 steelhead / 1 chinook
2 chinook
2 steelhead

Can I have 2 bag limits in my possession ?

thanks !
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