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Hopeully you all saw Jennie's "warning" WILL NOT TOLERATE.

I'm not sure what put the "debates" over the edge :shrug:, but I don't want this to discourage people from asking questions and others offering their opinion.

I have learned A LOT from this forum and noone should hide their opinions or questions. I do agree there is no need for debates, but understanding and discussion. Often times this forum is the only place one can be open and honest about what they are facing. It is a lot easier to do here than face to face with a friend, family member, pastor, priest, etc. :blush:

Jennie, I hope you agree and still tolerate discussions and questions to a point. :wink:

SOOOOOO, we'll keep it clean, just don't spoil all of our fun...and learning. :flowered:
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