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In previous years it has become clear that BLM and State seem to wait until the last hour (Friday before opener) to close the woods. Most of us have become wise to the game and have plan B in our pockets.

It is my opinion that they do this to the benefit of the Fish and Game so that we can all make plans buy our hunting tags etc etc. Fish and Game relies on this revenue and the State knows it so they wait until almost all of us buy our tags and then close the woods on us. This in turn maintains the revenue stream and doesn't over burden the woods with guys that decide to rifle hunt instead. It would be nice to get a set amount of time in the woods. Close the woods the first two weeks we get two weeks of late wintertime archery.

This year we should plan on the woods being closed. The U.S. Forest Service is calling for all red carded people to be made available to fight fires. This was a message from the Chief supposedly...I tend to believe this is the case. As others have indicated the fire level is the highest it's ever been.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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