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Wading boot size?

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I forgot the old formula. I need to replace my wading boots. Too far gone to re-felt.
How much larger of a boot do I need while wearing neoprenes? Size 10 1/2 is my regular boot size. I normally wear 3-4 mm neoprene's.
Size 12-13 wading boot? Or do they now come sized figuring that you are wearing waders? My last pair lasted a loooooooong time.
Thanks for the help.
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It depends on the brand, the higher end ones come fitted to compensate. You could also go to sportsmans and try them on.
I believe the rule is 2 sizes bigger. Don't quote me on that though. Trying them on at G.I. Joe's is a good idea.
I bought a pair of redballs in the 80's, my boot size was 11...I bought a 13..BIG MISTAKE, I still have them in the shed, used 2 hrs in 20yrs :crazy:!!!

they are already made to size, for your waders in mind..if you wear 10...buy a 10.
Hey Fshklr,

If those 13's are taking up too much room in your shed, I will take them off your hands!

I agree with the previous posts, you buy the same size you normally wear.
I had to buy one size larger, the3 same size I wear were just too tight and my feet went numb. Probably would have been OK after getting em wet and stretched out but I couldn't walk to water with em on.
I usually go one size bigger considering I wear socks, then a pair of wool socks and them Hodgemen booties and after wading for a while the water seems to stretch my boots a little
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