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Talked the wife into a couple hours break from painting the house today. :bowdown:
Went out on the Big C. just downriver the mouth of the Cowlitz and anchored up next to my goose hunting partner Joe. After an hour his sisters rod goes down. After a battle and moving through a couple lines the fish was netted and they came back. Her first salmon ever, 33 lbs of thick URB. :dance: Congrats Amber.

So we sit for awhile longer. I trade off on the old faithful Alvin, nickel with chartreuse head and put on a Brads Wobbler I picked up on sale last week, 1/2 nickel 1/2 copper. Smear some garlic smelly jelly on it and then spray some Bang shrimp on it for good measure. Waited a half hour and was putting an owner treble on a different wobbler when my rod pumps down a couple times. Darn drive bys.
A couple more minutes and I'm seriously thinking of changing wobblers, BANG, rod goes down and stays down. FISH ON! By myself is never a favorite of mine when it's crowded, steering the boat and fighting a fish through two hog lines,
Finally got him aboard, 30 lbs of magnificently bright URB still attached to some sea lice. Dinner tomorrow. :dance: So now I'm posting this with white paint on my hands, the wife and I are both happy. If I could only get her to buy a digital cam I could post some pics, maybe by springer season next year. :cheers:
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