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This is steelhead22, I was the college aged guy that came in with my Dad on Saturday morning and bought a couple spinners and shrimp scent . We fished Memaloose (that's the Oyster House hole, right?) for a couple hours after we talked to you and a few hours the next morning (dawn 'til around 9:30). No fish to bring in for

a pic, but we did hook, and eventually lose the biggest nook that our boat has ever seen on our first pass.

It was on that #5 rainbow
spinner w/ green tip and your shrimp scent. There was a fair bite in the morning, as we saw about 6 or 7 caught. Didn't think we would see the amount of people that were fishing the area this early. It was pretty amazing. Fog only allowed for you to see a couple boats at any one time, but I could tell that there was a lot of people around, when the fog lifted it was like a city of boats! Oh yeah, is the Memaloose boat ramp always that shallow at low tide? It was definitely a shock went we started seeing mud come out of our outboard cooling system!!! I guess ya live and learn, right. Thanks for the info, we learned a lot and had a great time. See ya next week.

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