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Since I mentioned Guy on the Steve Kohler thread I have recieved a few emails inquiring about Guy.

I emailed Larry & Ethel and recieved this email from them this morning:

Hi Dan,
This is the latest update on Guy.
Guy was in an accident on December 2nd. He was traveling east on I-90 going
to work in Billings when a car going west lost control, crossed the 35'
median and hit him head on. The impact of the crash, spun Guy's car and
then his car was hit again by the car that had been following him. It was
snowing and the roads were icy. He had two broken legs, broken bone in his
left hand and two fractures in his 6th C (neck area), deep gash on his left
knee, bleeding and bruised brain. He was unconscious for two days.
Guy was in the hospital for 23 days and is still having physical therapy
three times a week. He ended up having plates put in both legs. His left
leg is the one that is giving him problems. It was seriously broken in the
ankle area. He is up and walking, short steps but he is walking and we are
so grateful.
He worked out of his home for a couple of months and is now driving to work
four days a week. He works the fifth day from home as he has to have
physical therapy in the middle of the day.
The doctors are very pleased with Guy's progress. They said he is way ahead
of what they projected. We believe God answers prayer and we want to thank
you for all the prayers said in Guy's behalf.
Ethel & Larry

If you want to send Guy an e-mail, you can e-mail him at [email protected]

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I am so glad to hear that Guy is doing well. I had heard of the accident, but none of the details were ever available. Thank you Ethel, for writing and sharing with all of us what exactly did happen to Guy.
I personally new Guy through Larry's Sporting Goods store in Oregon City. He always had a smile and was always willing to talk to me, and help whenever possible. When I heard of his accident I was very shaken and making it worse was how difficult it was to get information. Thanks to ifish and people like Depoebay Dan, we now have "the rest of the story".
Please send Guy our love and how about everyone that knew Guy, send him an email, and wish him well. That would probably lift his spirits as much as anything.
All the best to Ethel and Larry as well.
Don aka salmonking
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