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As Coho sometimes prefere evening Dinning, I like to fish the evenings after work. Problem is
the parks close making the boat ramps un-usuable. Barton park is a critical launch for me but
by the time I get there from a launch point above, it's after dark and the parks all close at
dusk. Later this month the evenings will get dark early and that will really make matters difficult.
There is still plenty of time to call for a shuttle and get back to the launch point but because the
sun goes down around 7:pm or earlier there is no reason to even fish if you can't get to your boat.
I wrote a letter to the county a couple years ago about this after being locked out. The gate keeper
wasn't particularly nice about it. Of course I understand a need to secure the parks due to Vandals
but man it is Fishing season is it not ? Who paid for those ramps. I can paddle just fine in the dark.
If you are fishing alone or if you don't have a rig in the park there is no way for them to know
someone is still on the river. There must be a way. I would favor closing the park Say at 10:00 pm
regardless of time of year rather then Dusk Wouldn't the rest of you ?

Of course one way I have of dealing with this is launching from the side of the road such as at the
wide spot above Carver. But there are few places to take out. To me this really sucks.

I got lucky one time because the park attendants buddy was fishing that day and they kept the
gate open for him. What a joke ? The gate keeper lives right next to the gate.

I will have to deal with this tonight as I am going scouting. I heard a rumor !!!

As per letter written October 30, 2001 ( That was a good year )

The Winter park hours from Octomber 1st through April are from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m..

How can you fish that with a boat ?

What if you have a problem on the river and get back really really late. Man you are S_____d

Vandals are an even lower class than snaggers.

Here's is the email address of the Park Supervisor if you want to make any suggestions.

[email protected] His name is Mike McLees if he is still in charge.
This letter I have is dated November 01, 2001

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