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Unreal action in Sekiu last week....report

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One of my old fishing buddies (a very reliable source) sent me an e-mail report from Sekiu.


First Day: total fishing time=6 hours,
chinook landed=45

Second day: 28 landed in 5 hours fishing....20 chinook, 8 coho.

Looks like its gonna be a great year all over the NW!!! :dance:

(only a few keepers went home and most all of these fish were released unharmed)

Half Canuck

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That is awesome to hear!!!! We are leaving to go to Neah Bay next Wed. Hopefully we can get into some nooks as well...

Did he say if they were using anything in particular or if there were any size to the fish??
Mr. C:

fish were not huge...most were in the high teens.
He used mostly a Coyote spoon behind a hot Spot flasher on the downrigger.

ps- Neah bay has been VERY good too.

40 fish days per boat is average up there. If you can't hit those numbers, something is very wrong. I'm headed up there this weekend with my dad for our annual trip on the salt. This will be the last shot at hatchery kings this year, as it closes on the 4th.
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