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I set out this morning to Folsom Lake (way down here near Sacramento) for my usual landlocked chinook fishing. The lake is turning over, so the fish are scattered during the transitional phase. The surface temp all summer has been 74 degrees, it has now dropped to 68.

We have been catching trout and salmon at 60 to 70 feet.

My fishfinder kept marking fish at about 25 to 30 feet, so we raised the downrigger balls accordingly.

Though we did manage 1 salmon into the boat, we caught these two smallmouth and one other smaller smallmouth. I really never got much into bass fishing, but both of these smallmouth are the biggest I have ever caught, and the biggest I personally have seen come out of Folsom lake. We saw some bass fishermen, but they did not appear to be doing too well.

I do not see many bass boats with downriggers.

Perhaps it is time for me to sign up for a bass tournament?
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