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Tuna Canning Open Session - with PICS

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Well since we can't fish this weekend we are canning. You know how boring it is baby sitting a canner, so come keep us awake from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday July 21st. You may bring a beverage of your choice and a lawn chair as we will be confined to the garage and drive way.

I'm not going to put you to work, but come talk tuna or just have a brew.

I didn't really want to call it a TA meeting even though we are all jones'ing to get back out, and since those are usually at some reputable location other than my den of inequity ;)

HiTekRdNek, Hoggemin and I will be manning the canners and the smoker last count was around 7 canners at one stage or another and probably more fish than we know what to do with.

Broken Halo is in the Kegerator - $1 a pint on your honor

If you have not been to the lumber yard and wish to attend - drop me a PM - we're in Tigard not far from Home Depoe
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Re: Tuna Canning Open Session


Just a warning. My new canner came with a nice yellow paper warning

"Do no use a propane burner like for a turkey cooker, or any propane burner over 15000 BTU".

I'm guessing someone had a problem that prompted the warning. Just something to think about.
Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

So got my first canner and did it in the house...whew.
Are you guys using a coleman stove outside? Perhaps starting it on the crab cooker and transfering to coleman when at pressure?
My father has an electric stove out in the shop we usualy use, but I have used my turkey cooker for both the entire process, and just bringing the pot to a boil. My turkey burner has a metal deflector that can be adjusted to bring the heat down to a level that will maintain the 11-12 PSI in my 23 quart canners.

I think one of the big 2 or 3 burner propane camp stoves would be ideal but I dont own one.
Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

I use a camp chief propane stove two burner and had zero trouble keeping it at the right pressure - I don't blast it to get it going - put run about medium till it boils and once the weight goes on drop it down to maintain pressure. 70'000 BTU is probably a bit much since there is very little water - I don't see the problem as being explosive cause the check weight would not allow, rather everything running dry and then the jars exploding - but I didn't stay at a holiday inn express last night.
Im not sure why the warning. I'm thinking it has to do with control. Some of the turkey cookers wont adjust down low enough. If you try to run the unit for 100 minutes with the pressure weight releasing steam to controll the pressure you probably would run out of water. Not sure, i've never tried it. My weight starts to wobble at 15 PSI.

With my turkey cooker I can easily get the pressure above 15 PSI without the weight even on the cooker, and thats with the burner only at half throttle (dont ask how I know this).

Another thing to note: With my turkey burner I melted the bottom out of a turkey pot when it ran out of water. It happened real fast right after the last of the water was gone. The same might happen with a pressure canner, but maybe the thicker aluminum would prevent this.
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