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Tuna Canning Open Session - with PICS

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Well since we can't fish this weekend we are canning. You know how boring it is baby sitting a canner, so come keep us awake from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday July 21st. You may bring a beverage of your choice and a lawn chair as we will be confined to the garage and drive way.

I'm not going to put you to work, but come talk tuna or just have a brew.

I didn't really want to call it a TA meeting even though we are all jones'ing to get back out, and since those are usually at some reputable location other than my den of inequity ;)

HiTekRdNek, Hoggemin and I will be manning the canners and the smoker last count was around 7 canners at one stage or another and probably more fish than we know what to do with.

Broken Halo is in the Kegerator - $1 a pint on your honor

If you have not been to the lumber yard and wish to attend - drop me a PM - we're in Tigard not far from Home Depoe
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Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

I just finished 9 and 1/2 cases of tuna canning last night,been canning for the last three nights with two canners. Done by midnight each night.

Put 22 loins if the frezzer with rub and seasonings vacum packed.

Went out to the ice bax and 60 lbs or 7 packages still in the box. Call friends daughter and gave it to her and her family.

I am just to tired to due more right now.:food:

my recipe:

Freash pepper corn pepper
2 slices of walla wall onion
1 slice of fresh cut alapeno pepper
1 small dash of garlic and heb seasoning
1/2 pint jars

Coming back for more on the 28th and 4th.

enjoy guys!:meme:
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Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

Hi there
What do you use for a rub/seasoning on the vacum pack lot?
Thanks for sharing!
Rub for loins

One bowl-mix
Herb and Garli seasoning (Get from store in Sesoning section)
Minced dried onions 1 teaspoon
Peper corn- grind pepper in bowl- doesn't take a whole lot
White pepper pinch
Mix up in bowl

Take clear plastic wrap lay on counter top, add 1/4 teaspoon of mix onto the plastic wrap. Lay loin on the mixture( Loin should be dry)
Next rub the mix on the loins and it should be lightly covered. The more mix used the stronger the flavor will be.
For those who like it warm , take a a fresh alapeno and slice it lenght wise and place on top of the loin before sealing.

After the rub has been applied, seal the plastic wrap around the loin, the polace the loin in the vacum packer bag and vcum pak for the freezer.

Take loin out to cook, thaw and place loin in a oven dish and bake at 350 for 9 to 12 minutes . remove from oven oven and slice add mustard and eat.

Or place on BBQ cook serring sides and remove and eat.
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