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Tuna Canning Open Session - with PICS

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Well since we can't fish this weekend we are canning. You know how boring it is baby sitting a canner, so come keep us awake from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday July 21st. You may bring a beverage of your choice and a lawn chair as we will be confined to the garage and drive way.

I'm not going to put you to work, but come talk tuna or just have a brew.

I didn't really want to call it a TA meeting even though we are all jones'ing to get back out, and since those are usually at some reputable location other than my den of inequity ;)

HiTekRdNek, Hoggemin and I will be manning the canners and the smoker last count was around 7 canners at one stage or another and probably more fish than we know what to do with.

Broken Halo is in the Kegerator - $1 a pint on your honor

If you have not been to the lumber yard and wish to attend - drop me a PM - we're in Tigard not far from Home Depoe
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Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

Board Feet or is it Bored Feet.

its all good guys - heck Pilar, Crom you guys are welcome also

Here are the numbers n45.24 29.5 W122.45 23.7 I know there is tuna there - they just don't fight too much anymore :D
Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

I was thinking some sushi snacks would be kind of fun as well - I think we are up to 8 canners and a smoker now and at least five burners. Who's bringing cooked rice - I might be able to con Mrs C into making rice, only have a few sheets of nori and the soy is a tad low - lots o wasabbi, some cucumber and red bell pepper cilantro and I might sacrifice a jalapeño if someone wants to try an Amigo role

We'll will look forward to seeing you and Janey
Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

back up to the top - got a few in the box for this one and its looking like fun come on out and have some fun with us
Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

Took out some yellowfin last night. Looks like I might have found a home 4 it. might have 2 come visit.
Cool - please do :meme: Yellowfin - my favorite
Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

I use a camp chief propane stove two burner and had zero trouble keeping it at the right pressure - I don't blast it to get it going - put run about medium till it boils and once the weight goes on drop it down to maintain pressure. 70'000 BTU is probably a bit much since there is very little water - I don't see the problem as being explosive cause the check weight would not allow, rather everything running dry and then the jars exploding - but I didn't stay at a holiday inn express last night.
Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

Something to add about the water level - follow the instructions for your individual canner. For instance my Presto says only 3 qts of water. Its the steam that does the work - not the water. Water only gets to 212 - live steam is much hotter
Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

I Hate work!!! working on sat is a big bummer!!! :frown:
Since when do you work on Saturday - oh ya, you fish on weekdays now. You'll be missed Perry, maybe next time
Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

More later, but Hoggemin just left. All told we did about 350# of tuna today - it was staggering to see the pile when we started loading up - pictures to come - and yes only one jar broke - knocked from the table - a party foul

OK I'm going to bed now - if I can find it - ya that way

just a quick thanks to everyone who dropped by - Something Good - thanks for the handy work on the snacks, Puffin for providing a bunch of the snacks. Obviously more later - but what a fun day
Re: Tuna Canning Open Session

It was pretty obvious to the neighbors that something was going on at the lumber yard. Mrs C couldn't even park her Van anywhere near the house when she came back from the store.

Pretty much the day was about canning tuna - Hoggemin jamming on the jars

And if you know Mike you know he always buys in bulk - just a small sample of the stack of jars. Also featured was the very kind contribution of a case of home made Pinot from fish_on

All told we had 8 canners and 6 burners available - not one Presto bomb despite the outdoor cooking gear warning.

What made the day more fun was the dogs who came out to keep us awake and enjoy some snacks - Something Good in the kitchen wooping up on some spicy tuna cups ala Pilar style, Yellowfin hand roles, Yellowfin tuna cups with cilantro.

Duck snacks courtesy of Teton

From Left to right - Teton, fish_on, his gf Bridgette

From left to right - 2slow, fyshndad, fyshnson

One of my neighbors was out for a walk, but when she saw this fine example of Saltyness - she decided the other side of the street was safer - don't blame her - from left to right HiTekRdNek, CDJ356, and Puffin

I think the whole day is easily summarized by this wide open food blister smile. Flora the wonder dock/duck/goose/boat/vacuum dog

We canned tuna with jalepeno, garlic, black pepper, sweet Thai Chile sauce, smoked in alder, peppercini, did I say garlic - not all together but various combinations - some tuna off the smoker never made it to jars - some jars never made it home - well we had to find out what the Thai Chile tasted like OMG! I think that jar lasted two minutes. Not one jar seal failed.

Garlic Jim's showed up later with 3 extra large pies - those disappeared almost as fast as the tuna hand roles, friends left with gifts of cases of tuna, others got some lessons on rod building and repair, and one couple out for a late night walk who wanted to buy some tuna left with a gift of loins and canned tuna a smile and, "have a nice night!"

Again thanks to everyone who came over it sure made the chore of canning what looked like an endless pile of tuna a pure pleasure and made the time just fly.
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Thanks guys for all the information. Looks like a great time had by all. Two questions, any plans to do this again and, Thai Chili recipe, sounds great, how did you make it?
I know I'll be canning more this year - heck I have at least 5 tuna dates left for this year. Since it was so much fun - you can bet I will want to share the pain again at a location near you!
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