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Tues and Wed reports!

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OK, condensed version. Network problems at home so report coming from work. Tues, 5 in the boat, 3 URB.s, 2 tules. Biggest one 28, caught on Brads, nickel and green or nickel/copper. Wed, 3, me skunked. Dad gets two, one 35, his buudy gets a nice URB, 22lbs. They seemed to hit nickel and blue yesterday better than any other. Gotta Go, maybe more later.
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Thanks for the report. I'm planning on taking my brother from down the valley out fishing on Saturday. Can you suggest any place?
This time of year just find 15-40 feet of water (35' has been good for me) between Longview and Goverment Island and you should do just fine. Don't forget your Alvins and maybe a Kwikfish :dance:
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