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True Temper clam shovel?

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See the pic. What are the odds that this is a True Temper shovel?


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There is no visible mark on the top like this?
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I can't tell. My pic was lifted from an online for sale posting. The blade and its handle portion does seem to have the typical shape of a TT shovel, like your pic.
I was planning on picking up the shovel this morning. Then the seller tells me that another buyer wants to drive 120 miles to buy it tonight.


if another buyer wants drive that far to buy it, whether it鈥檚 a TT or not, he can have it.
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Some more context. The shovel in my pic was listed for $10. I live about a 30 minute drive from the seller, and was going to pick it up this morning. Then, when the seller contacted me, I volunteered to back out of the sale so that the other guy driving 120 miles can buy the shovel instead of me. The seller was thrilled. The other buyer is driving today and arriving tonight. Maybe he offered to buy it at a higher price than the original $10 listed price, and so that鈥檚 why the seller was happy when I backed out?

It鈥檚 still uncertain whether the shovel is really a TT and/or whether it鈥檚 even in usable condition (e.g., not bent or rusted out etc.)

another TT will eventually show up in goodwill, garage sale, or craigslist

some people are nuts.
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