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Wednesday I went up to Bonneville with Chuckdog on someone's recomendation to back troll kwikfish for URBs. We didn't really know what the heck we were doing (we're bank maggots), the battery was dead on our fish finder, and in the area up around the deadline where we were told to fish it was pretty much dead. I guess they were picking up fish down further but without knowing depth and with our little 6 hp motor on a 14' boat we didn't feel much like exploring too far away from the boat ramp.

We noticed that there were about 500 coho stacked up at tanner creek, that the bankies picked up a few (very few) fish, and that there were coho rolling below the Tanner Creek deadline so we went over and trolled it from about 4:30-7:30 pm. We tried a couple of different things but Chuckdog went 1/1 (12 lb mint hen) and I went 1/3 (15 lb mint buck) on the trusty old Michael Jackson Wiggle Wart.

Don't know if anyone's tried this much but there were enough fish in there to make it worthwhile. Once the bankies were gone after 5:00 we were trolling 20-100' off the bank right up to the deadline and hooked fish trolling both directions up and down the seam (the water swirls around in an eddy in that area).

Just thought y'all might like to know if you want to pick up extra fish after you catch your limit of chinook up there! :wink:

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