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Tried to go this AM

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I got up with the intention of heading to the Alsea this morning for a steelhead fix. Checked the road and weather reports and decided that they looked ok and that I would give it a go. Made it about 5 miles south of Salem and ran head on into the snow. Man it was coming down and sticking so I thought twice about continuing down and turned around. Better safe then sorry I guess right??? Anyway if anybody makes the trip let me know how it was and drive safe.
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I think that someone was watching over you:

Estimated delay of 20 minutes - 2 hours
ORE22, MP 14 to MP 15

Affected Lanes: (Westbound) Median, All Lanes, Shoulder (Eastbound) Median, All Lanes, Shoulder
Comments: Six vehicle accident has occured at intersection of highway 22 and 99. Area is slick. Please use caution while driving today.
HWY 20 wasn't bad to Alsea. The snow came down in buckets for about 20 minutes but other than that no problem with 4-wheel drive. Fishing might have been ok, I left the vest at home so we had only the gear on three rods which was just enough to hook a couple of fish before we were tackle free. :blush:
I was planning on going also but I got off work at 3:00 a.m. and the alarm went off only 4 hours later, I decided to sleep in. Figures, its a beautiful, sun shining day out there now...may have to make a short float somewhere! :rolleyes:
Just walked out to the truck and found a nice flat tire. I knew I heard something after I turned around this morning but thought it was something else. As soon as I saw the tire though I knew that s what it was. Found a nice big screw in there I am sure I would not have made it much farther. Sure glad I wasn’t changing that tire along the road in that nasty weather this morning :smile:
I kind of put of buying those tires until today like a dork... Im buying them now $918 worth damn Dually..

Nice fish you got there out of the Clack?

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I was headed out to try my luck fishing this morning and after five miles from home seeing 8 cars spun out and in the ditches between hwy 3 and little creek casino I decided to go to the casino and play cards for a while and partake of their fine food. Probably the smartest thing I have done for a very long time. Now I have $250.00 to spend on more fishing stuff and no dents in my new pickum up truck. Sure hope this snow goes away soon so I can get some fishing time in. Lyle
Don't worry you'll get to use that Esprit soon enough. If you have to work next just drop that rod off with me and I'll brake it in, leave tha P-line at home though :grin:
I got that fancy Yeller line on that one Bobby. They Esprit would be far too powerful for a mere mortal such as you, better stick to the buzz droughtsky.... Good luck in the am wish I could go:( Going to make another run at the Alsea now that I have 1 k worth of new rubber on the truck.
I'll have you know, I don't own a Droghtsky...Thankyou! :tongue:
I do, and have caughts lots of fish with them. But my Loomis is the go to. P LINE.......... :laugh:
Boedy were heading over that way in the morning. A friend lives in Alsea and said the roads were fine. MM
Your not the only one to cancel today...had a sturgeon trip plan for weeks for today...weather reports scared me off...oh well...football on T.V.
Better safe to make it another day.
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