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Fished Triangle Lake for kokanee from 8:30am to noon...beautiful morning, sunny but no fish. Kokanee jumping here & there, 8" to 11", but no biters. Trolled silver spinner & corn on top, at 17', at 21', and at 35'...had three bites on top but no hookups. Two other boats trolling and two bass boats working the edges. No waterskiers.

Loggers working on the hillside above the lake were dropping trees all morning...you could hear the "boom" as they hit the ground over the trolling motor noise. Next time I go there I expect there will be a yarder set up on top reeling in the big ones!

(Hey...I wonder if the fish weren't biting due to the logging?) :wink:

P.S. I didn't get out of my boat over on the far shore, like I sometimes do to stretch my legs, due to the omnipresent threat of cougar attacks...those things are dangerous... :shocked: :wink:

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