Just in time for Springers!! Big Selection of New and Lightly used Triangle Flashers- 20 Brand new Shortbus in the packages. 5 brand new Big Al’s as well. 2 Mack’s, 2 Large Big Al’s, and 12 lightly used Shortbus not in packaging .
Brand New Shortbus and Big Al’s $11 at each.
Used Shortbus, Mack’s and Big Al’s Regular at $7.50 each
Large Big Al’s at $11.00 each
Lots of great Springer colors in the bunch and also great for ocean and Buoy 10. Not looking to sell individual flashers. Minimum Sale of 5 new flashers or 7 used. Would prefer to sell the lot as a whole for the 41 flashers. $350 takes the lot. Pick up in East Vancouver close to Fishers Landing and I-205. No low offers please. PM me if interested.