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Trask, Wilson river report

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I fished the trask and wilson river yesterday with a friend. We each caught a springer in the morning on the trask at lorens drift we caught them on eggs and shrimp and we a couple more bits and my friend lost another one. We left at around 10 and we stopped at Tillamook Bait and got some sandshrimp and Marie took pictures of our fish then we went to the wilson we fished above mile 14. We didnt catch anything but we saw a few salmon and steelhead.
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Thanks for the report, I was planning on checking it out on Friday, but wasn’t sure. Maybe I’ll see you down there. I'm in a white Explorer with the IFISH sticker on the back window.
Have a great one.

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I was told that there are quite a few summer fish stacked up in the section between Kennig and Jones Creeks. Second hand info.

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