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Wow, where did the fish go?

Another slow day out there. We fished from 1pm until 5:30 (low slack @ Multnomah was 6:15). We finally got bit at 2:50. Bunch 'o fun as this URB ran upsteam after hitting the wobbler, putting huge slack in my line and wallowing on the surface before I ever reel up and get tight to him. I try to get a solid hookset and he responds by rocketing out of the river in a beautiful leap. I should have called it good there and just trusted my very sharp hooks, but NO, I try to set the hook again and promptly pull the lure away from him. It was good sport for 10 or 15 seconds.

By 5pm most of the boats had left and we got a nice solid hit. I handed off to our guest, who then had an enjoyable 10 minute tug-o-war with a bulldogging, big buck. Coming up alongside, looking kind of dark and bronzy, it may have been our first Tule of the season. Unfortunately we couldn't verify it as he got active close to the boat and in a second of slack line, came off.

We didn't see anyone else hook up. Hope next weekend is better than this one was.
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