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My wife and I went out with another couple yesterday and managed 2 keepers, 43" and 44". Wouldn't you know it the camera batteries were dead.

I snapped this pic this morning. My kids had never seen a sturgeon and my oldest wanted to hold it for a picture... but changed his mind after seeing it was a shark! I couldn't convince him that it didn't have teeth.

The first keeper was a strange catch. I fought the fish in for couple minutes and finally when my line was close enough to see, I could see my hook! Darn! the fish got off. :mad:

Then the fish took another run! WHAT THE HECK?? I had snagged line around my sinker. I brought the fish back up as far as I could then handed off my pole to my wife and brought the fish in hand over hand for about 30 feet of line. The fish's back was scarred, probably from thrashing on the bottom being hung up? :shrug: Anyway weirdest fish catch for me. We were using shrimp and smelt in about 110 feet of water. We also got a few shakers around Desdemona sands.
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