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Took the old man out fishing to Central Oregon this past wednesday. Our first foray in float tubing, and wet fly fishing!

Weather was nice, a bit hot, but mid 80s in Bend during August isn't bad at all!

We hit Hosmer Lake the first day, just trying to get our feet/rears wet for the first time. Not many fish were being caught according to other fisherman on the lake, and we werent expecting to really catch a thing. A couple hours of fishing later, we returned to the boat ramp area, with slightly more experience, no fish and just one missed hit (on a dry!) to show for our efforts.

We spent the rest of the day scouting out areas to fish on Thursday...

Speaking of that, we felt that we needed some, well, slightly less educated trout. I suggested Todd Lake although we've never been there for some pre-spawn Brookie action. I figured that the lack of fishing pressure might be a good call for us. Sadly, by the time we got to the lake (9 am or so), the fish were finishing their morning rise. We scuttled back down the trail to our rig and got our gear in order. By the time we returned, not a single dimple on the water.

Dry flies were of no use by the time we got to the area that had seen the most fish rising a few hours back. We worked it good for an hour with dries, until patience fizzled. I popped on my extra spool which is armed with sinking line, tied on a red-tipped wolly worm (sz. 12), and began casting! What luck! I missed one fish right away, which drove me nuts. At least it gave us confidence that there were fish in the area. I continued to work the shallows on the east end of the lake where despite an ever persistent wind, the fish were getting interested.

Finally, on a nice jerky retrieve, I got a solid fish on. These brookies were scrappers. The one that I actually brought to net was a legit 14" as my measuring tape would confirm. Of course, it was nearing full spawning colors, beautiful reds, greens and a developing hook to it's jaws. Absolutely stunning. And, with my camera MIA, I let it go, no picture to remember it by. Sad times. I continued to work my wolly worms along the shore and missed several more fish, before the wind and sun forced me in for some lunch.

My dad switched to a spining outfit, and with a rapala of all things landed another nice 12" brookie that also was getting ready to spawn.

I do have a question regarding Todd Lake. It was absolutely beautiful, the water looked solid, and the pressure seems light at best. Is fishing red hot after ice out as i'm assuming it to be? I really want to return next May/June and get some super aggressive trout!

thanks for any insight!

tight lines!
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