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Title small boat, Yes or No?

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I just bought a 10' plastic double-hull Pelican, mostly for the kids at the local reservoir.

The state of WA has checked the Hull ID # (has never been licensed), and as long as I don't put a gas motor on it, titling it is not required.

Would you be aprehensive to buy a boat without a title (boat has a serial number)?

Would you title it just to get it on record ($20 - $30) or just wait until using a motor became an issue?

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I f you even think you may put a motor on it, title it. I am dealing with this right now. We bought a used raft about 20 years ago. I'd like to put a motor on it now and I can't find the bill of sale and I never titled it. Now it is a real hassle. More forms and more bother.
i bought my drifter from a guy in amboy washington. no title, no license, no numbers on the boat. i did get a bill of sale for it though and so far haven't hit any major snags on my road to tags. if you think you're going to put a motor on it, go ahead and do the paperwork now. at least now you'll be able to do it at a leisurely pace. if you put it off, once you buy the motor you'll be all hot to hit the water but waiting for your paperwork to process.
Thanks for the good advice.

Title and registration it is.

DJ, I've heard different interpretations of motor rule, but at the registration office, they said, "Any motor, if operated on federally regulated waters, must be registered."
(The first time I called the registration office, the told me to call Nixon Marine (a local dealer). It looks like they've since done their homework.

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Any motor on a boat requires a title and registration on the boat.

It seems rediculous especially for the small inflatable pontoons for drifting. If you just put a small Minn Kota on it you have to title and register the boat. I found out the hard way.

On a new boat the Oregon State Marine board requires a Manufacture's Statement of Origin better known as an MSO to title and register a new boat.

The catch here is that many of the small inflatable boats don't come with a MSO. Therefore you have to get in touch with the manufacturer of the boat/inflatable to acquire this document before you can put the motor on it.

More bureaucratic red tape. Not to mention $$$.
:shrug: go figure....
I'd count my lucky stars if I didn't have to license my boat. :smile:
Any motor at all including electric, you have to register it. If your only going to row it I wouldnt bother....DJ

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Title it now. I'm in the middle of titling mine that I bought two years ago. Real pain now.... :hoboy:
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