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It was time to call the XMAN, an Old Bull buddy!

Low and behold some other Old Bulls were doin' OK.

Now the XMAN about 10 years ago,
invested a whole hour with me and
nailed a 52 Chrome Buck in tidewater,
fish of a lifetime. Same hat.

Today....well he did ok again.

What's this? Net Boy too? Free Willy?

XMAN is like my "rabbit foot!"

(The above shot is just for you with
the inappropriate comments about
quantity over quality. Actually,
sometimes 1 is much better than 11
or 3, especially when it's the
persons fish of a lifetime and he wants
to see more than 1 shot of it. Doh.

By the way, this is not a competition
on IFISH deal for us. It's just fishing.
Hit the bass trail if you thrive on all

Whoever cut the lock off my trailer at
the boat ramp, you could have trashed my
boat coming over the hill or killed us.
Watch your knee caps.

Back on the positive side, a limit with
Two Rods is always great.

Alvins around Frenchmans.


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Very nice my "Willie Boat Brother"
Keep it up!

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Xman and Nanook!!!

:bowdown: :bowdown:

What a day!!!! Looks like the vacation is only getting better. Congrats on all of that chrome!!!

Steve :cheers:

Bummer about the lock on the trailer. They'll get theirs in the end..... :mad:

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Nicely done :cheers:

See ya tomorrow perhaps if you're out there.

P.S. Wondering which boat ramp you had your trailer damaged at? private message is fine.

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NANOOK your making team GET BENT look good as always its nice to see team GET BENT takes other people out to catch fish

You did it with Steve and X man whos next?

Its great to have team members like you and fwf1 who share with people and make it possible for them to do what we do all the time some where under thay ELBINO skin there is a heart or you just paid someone to fish with you :grin:

So xtc when you read this that why lots of pictures of the same fish its not for us its for the people that caught the fish by the way next time fill the cooler with water (BIOYA)

Rick great job Tillamook is next maybe i will get a dig. camera and show the roots what fishings all about

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Hey Nanook,
Good job and nice fish. So you guys got the honor of fishing next to the guys in the Rred Starcraft huh? I have fished next to them a few times and they are great coaches. They are really good about telling you everything you are doing wrong. "Didn't set the hook hard enough", "Should use treble hooks instead of siwash", or my favorite as I was rolling up my boat top, "You really need to get a satchell for that" (I forgot my boot at home). By the end of the day I didn't know if I should slap them or pay them for all of the advice. :grin:

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