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Dan - thanks for the information. Good reporting and pictures. Who knows, there may be a new niche for you as a Cub Reporter on the Longview Gazette. :wink:

You indicated that this is a 10-year initiative, and as such I wonder if they're going to put on these show-me trips on an annual basis. If so it might have been good to tie it in with the same weekend as the volunteer fin clipping project. Seems to be a connection between the two kinds of activities. Also, considering how successful the fin clipping event was in luring in 100's of volunteers and interested folks of all ages from all around, who knows, the combination may be self fulfilling in terms of attracting more interest and participation. Good way to show case local efforts. Great way to spend a weekend with the family and kids in a wonderful location - and encouraging understanding and respect for the resources.

Just a thought....maybe not an original one, but that's what we're offering from Boise for the moment. :grin:
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